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Roger Davis
Chattanooga TN

Roger Davis hails from California, both Southern and the Bay Area.
Graduated from Stanford right as the University was spawning
Silicon Valley, Roger studied environmental and urban
planning, receiving a Masters in Urban Planning from San Jose
State University. While working towards his Masters, he also
developed expertise in computer programming, and started
and sold a software company to a TN insurance company, bringing Roger to Nashville.

Once there, he began to observe some of the same over-development
that had overrun the area in and around Silicon Valley.
This rekindled his concern to help make Tennessee
development sustainable.

After moving to Signal Mountain, TN, in 2016, Roger continued
to be an activist, promoting development that proceeded slowly and in alignment with the
Town's well-thought-out land-use plans. Roger is honored to work with an array of multi
talented board members of UCI, The Urban Century Institute, to help ensure that the
Chattanooga Region gets on and stays on a course of building and development that
serves business, while also protecting our atmosphere and environment.