Saturday, October 23, 2021


Global Village and SMART Park
The Enterprise South Park mimics old industrial parks no longer viable for urban and residential settings.
New designs and energy systems can be incorporated to create an industrial park that brings quality living and wellness to those who work and live there.

Great Community in Nature
Use latest imaging, GIS and satellite information plus citizen searches to conduct an inventory of natural resources for Hamilton County.
Create a checklist for decision-makers to use. This information can be used by Outdoor Chattanooga in determining appropriate recreational venues and for program educational information. Chattanooga will be one of the first "Great Communities in Nature" through the national Biodiversity Project, a non-profit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Green Neighborhoods
In conjunction with the Chattanooga Downtown Plan and Chattanooga Neighborhood Services, select 2 neighborhoods and work with citizens to envision and implement sustainable solutions.
Draw groups together to form "EcoTeams" and conduct a "Livable Neighborhoods" program to promote sense of community.
Build a demonstration zero emissions mixed retail and housing center using sustainable materials and LEED guidelines.
Increase access for people to obtain green products.

Forums for Learning
Advance solutions for today's issues:
Signature Speakers Series;
Incorporation of sustainability curricula on college campuses;
Continuation of Threshold Conference findings;
Bring Zero Emissions World Congress to Chattanooga;
Set up an information clearing house and promote community gatherings that strengthen social fabric.

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